Several impacts are expected from HyCARE, which may enhance innovation capacity for partners involved, create new market opportunities, strengthen competitiveness and growth of companies, and mitigate climate change.

The HyCARE project targets the following impact:
  1. Target of hydrogen stored capacity for in-field testing > 50 kg H2
  2. Carrier volumetric density > 0.1 kg H2/litre
  3. Discharge energy use from sources external from the prototype system < 5.0 kWh/kg H2, i.e. less than 15% of the energy content of hydrogen per kg
  4. Total round-trip energy efficiency > 70% including compression, energy supply to store and BoP,
  5. Loading and unloading of hydrogen has to be demonstrated in the carrier for at least 250 cycles and in the prototype for at least 50 cycles, with acceptable loss of storage capacity less than 0.2 % per cycle
  6. Hydrogen purity at point of delivery at least 99.99%