Giovanni Capruso is the researcher in the “Monthly Picture” of Helmoltz Zentrums Geesthacht (HZG)

The February edition of the Holmoltz Klima Initiative Newsletter focuses on hydrogen research at Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Centre (HZG). The newsletter reports the activities of HyCARE’s researcher Giovanni Capruso for the simulation of the loading and unloading cycles in the HyCARE’s storage tank.

In the “picture of the month”, Giovanni is depicted while performing his research on the HyCARE system. Giovanni’s work is key to setup and validate the thermo-chemical physical model of the HyCARE’s prototype and for the analysis of temperature and pressure parameters in the storage cycles with metal hydrides.

Find out more in the Newsletter N°5 of the Helmholtz-Klima-Initiative (in German).

Credits: HZG/Christian Schmid