Dr. Dematteis is awarded as best presentation on Advanced Materials for Energy Storage @ New Times Conference

Erika Michela Dematteis has been awarded of the “Menzione d’onore” at the New times Conference. Her presentation of “TiFe-substituted intermetallic for large-scale stationary hydrogen storage” was awarded as best communication in the session on Advance Materials for Energy Storage. @HyCARE, Erika and our female researchers rock!

HyCARE is contributing to create the national hub for hydrogen in Italy

The Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” reports the HyCARE project as a key initiative triggering to the new partnerships on hydrogen research in Turin. Building up on the experience and competences gained in Hycare, the research groups of the University of Turin joined the Politecnico of Turin in a formal partnership on hydrogen research. The goal of the partnership is to boost R&D excellence and advance application of hydrogen technologies in the Turin and Piedmont territory. The future ambition of the partnership is to give rise to the National Research Hub on Hydrogen.

Have a look at the article on Repubblica (in Italian) at this link!

HyCARE article in Materials Advances is a Popular Advance

The HyCARE article on ” Substitutional effects in TiFe for hydrogen storage: a comprehensive review” has been quoted ad the most read article in Materials Advances. Our HyCARE researchers are committed to open science and are doing their best to share the research result with all the scientific community. Our ambition is to contribute in growing research on metal alloys as a sustainable option for hydrogen storage.

Download the article at this link.

See the full collection of Material Advances at rsc.li/materials-advances