HyCARE Final Video released!

During the exhibition show in Paris, on 21 April 2023, the HyCARE Communication Team interviewed the Coordinator, the Partners and the invited speakers.

After the introduction and comment of the Project Coordinator, the opinion on the results achieved within the project was asked to CNRS, IFE, UNITO, FBK, Hereon and EnviPark – the academic bodies and research centers involved in HyCARE.

Then GKN, TecnoDelta, Stuehff and ENGIE reported their point of view on the involvement of enterprises in the EU projects, such as HyCARE

Finally, David Colomar – Project Coordinator of the COSMHYC Project, and Olivier Joubert – Director of the French Federation of Hydrogen Energy FRH2, were asked to express their idea on the synergies among projects and their importance to promote innovative results.

Let’s have a look at the video and check what they said!