Dematteis presented her latest work on HyCARE at HydEM 2022


HyCARE’s researcher Erika Michela Dematteis presented at HydEM 2022 International Symposium her last work on “Mn-substituted TiFe alloys for large scale hydrogen storage application: an in-situ neutron diffraction study”. The presented results anticipates a publication that will be released soon on the neutron diffraction studies performed at neutron large scale facilities ILL and ISIS, to define the structural evolution of phases during the hydrogenation of the selected material for the HYCARE hydrogen storage system.

Hydrides as Energy Materials – HydEM 2022 is a point of reference for scientists of energy materials science, and the focus is on new hydrogen-containing materials for fuel cells, batteries, hydrogen storage, and conversion of CO2 into fuel.

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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: promising technologies for the future

Dr. Paola Rizzi (University of Turin) presented HyCARE during the AICARR Congress hold at the Politecnico di Bari focused on hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

Paola presented a comprehensive description of the strategies that can be used to store hydrogen, from the most widespread to the advanced solutions, now proposed as prototypes. The presentation included the description of the HyCare system with the strategies adopted for the design of the integrated system. 

Download the programme here.

HyCARE PhD student Jussara Barale presented her work at EHEC2022 in Madrid

Jussara Barale, PhD student at the University of Turin, presented her research work on the HyCARE prototype during the 2022 edition of the European Hydrogen Energy Conference (EHEC2022) in Madrid. Barale’s presentation titled “Hydrogen – heat storage system based on metal hydride and phase change material”.

She showed the optimal working conditions for Phase Changing Materials (PCM) to properly manage Metal Hydrides (MH) in hydrogen absorption and desorption. The results from her experimental work provide insights on the best heat management strategy for promoting PCM contribution on H2 flow and TVP flow in hydrogen storage systems based on MH.

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HyCARE at the World Hydrogen Leader event in Barcelona

Last 9th-10th of May, Jose Bellosta von Colbe from Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon presented HyCARE in the World Hydrogen Decarbonising the Gas Grids Conference, organised in the framework of the World Hydrogen Leaders events.

A good opportunity to show the HyCARE project and its final results: industries and professionals have been updated with the innovation of the HyCARE storage systems and its prototype already built and tested.

A big thanks to the moderator, Manuel Coxe, Secretary General, MARCOGAZ and to the other panelists who shared their case studies: David Watson, from Cadent Gas Limited, Lisa Ruf, from Element Energy and Patrick Milin, from ENGIE.

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