HyCARE Exhibition Show is approaching!

On 21 April 2023, the Partners of HyCARE Project will meet in Paris at ENGIE Lab CRIGEN!

The French corporate R&D center of the ENGIE Group hosts the demonstration plant, where the Consortium will finally meet again in person in occasion of the event “The HyCARE system. Opportunities and challenges of the energy storage sector“.

The rich agenda include presentations of the activities done and results obtained during the project, as well as the description of the next and final steps before the end of the project, which will be in July 2023.

The agenda also see the participation of other European projects, which have been invited to present their technologies and foster future collaborations within common innovative sectors, and a panel discussion among well-known hydrogen associations!

Are we too misterious? We are not going to reveal too much.. it will be a surprise!

What is certain is that the invited participants will have the opportunity to see the HyCARE demonstrator and visit the laboratiories of ENGIE Lab CRIGEN!

Stay tuned!