Green hydrogen: a valuable asset for the ecological transition

The Turin magazine “Nuovo Consumo” reports the interviews to our coordination Marcello Baricco on the advantages of green hydrogen. Baricco defines green hydrogen as an energy vector that can support the decarbonization of industrial processes and mobility, and the distribution of renewable energy with no GHG emission.

Baricco presents the current drivers and barriers for the uptake of green hydrogen in Europe and presents the HyCARE system as a valuable technology for medium-size hydrogen storage.

Here the full article here (Italian only)

HyCARE at the First Materials Poster Competition on Twitter

Our researcher Erika Dematteis will partecipate at the Materials Poster Competition, presenting the HyCARE project.

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What is the energy for the future?

Hydrogen as a solution to the challenge of renewable energy storage

In the FRIDA online magazine, Prof. Marcello Baricco explains how the HyCARE project contributes in building the future of energy. By converting renewable energy into hydrogen, the HyCARE’s hydrogen storage tank will overcome the limit of intermittent energy supply featuring renewable sources. This will allow us to use renewables at any time.